Small mammals

Immunovet is a food supplement for animals containing fermented wheat germ extract. Clinical studies have shown that Immunovet helps animals to stay healthy and heal faster through its immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is a Hungarian global brand available in many countries around the world.

The benefits of Immunovet for healthy and recovering small mammals:

  • Immunostimulant effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Supports the maintenance of a healthy state
  • Positive effect on the integrity of the intestinal lining
  • Support of the natural defence function of the intestinal tract (protection against harmful substances absorbed with food)

Recommended dosage of Immunovet tablets for small mammals

For healthy animals, to maintain good condition and to help prevent disease, 1 tablet every 2 days is recommended for smaller mammals (e.g. Syrian golden squirrel) and 1 tablet per day for larger mammals (e.g. pygmy rabbit).

To increase the effectiveness of veterinary treatments or interventions, twice the recommended daily dose is recommended for healthy animals.


Natural immune-boosting tablets for small mammals.

Immunovet is an immune booster food supplement for animals containing fermented wheat germ extract produced by a biotechnology process. It has been successfully used by veterinarians, farmers, breeders and zoos since 2003. 

The Immunovet flavoured tablet is consumed by pets with joy; the product can also be given as a treat.

Immunovet products support the maintenance of health and help in stress situations or other weakened states of pets.